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About Blog: 

Hello everyone!!
Welcome to my blog, where I post about skincare, makeup, grooming, and sometimes health and wellness. If that sounds like your part of interest make sure you follow me. Follow me on Instagram for mini reviews, first impressions on products, and much more. I post regularly on Instagram.

My Instagram handle: beautify_with_sam

My blog is more skincare related: I review the best affordable products and provide recommendations based on skin type. I provide in detail review and hope you get some good ideas for products, techniques, and Ingredients to try..  Grooming: Will be coming soon. 

All my reviews are based on my personal experience. All the reviews are very honest opinion and unbiased towards any brand. Am not here to push or promote certain products and brands. 

Remember that skincare is different for everybody's skin types. What works for me, may not work for you. Also, I am not a skin care professional or dermatologist, so all my reviews are based on personal experience. 

But the information I provide about products and ingredients is authentic. 

About us:

"Beautify With Sam" is my blogging page. This content on this blog is created by me and managed by my brother, special thanks to him for encouraging me to start this blog. I am a student and interested in blogging. And hence created this blog with the topic of my interest.

Thank you for reading! Have a nice day.

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