Earth Rhythm Cleansing Jelly Review | Gel to Milk Cleanser | Pumpkin Enzymes

Hello everyone,

I am really happy to review a product from my favorite brand "Earth Rhythm". The product is "cleansing jelly" which's new to me. I know cleansing balms and cleansing oils, but it's my first time using a cleansing jelly. I really love this product, to know more about it, keep on reading...

Earth Rhythm Cleansing Jelly with Pumpkin Enzymes

Earth Rhythm Cleansing jelly review
Earth Rhythm Cleansing jelly review

Product Specifications:

Brand: Earth Rhythm
Category: Cleansing Jelly (Gel to milk cleanser)
Net vol: 60 g 
MRP: 1190 INR
Key ingredients: Pumpkin Enzymes
Other Variants: Pink Pomelo
Shelf life: 
Skin type: All skin types including sensitive skin type.

Ingredient list:

Glycerin, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Aqua, Sucrose Laurate, Sucrose Stearate, Cucurbita Pepo (Pumpkin) Seed Oil, Aqua (and) Cucurbita Pepo (Pumpkin) Fruit Extract, Natural Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Salicylic Acid & Natural Oxides.

Key ingredients:

  • Pumpkin Seed oil: The high vitamin, mineral and omega content makes Pumpkin Seed Oil an excellent lifting oil for dry, mature, and also damaged skin. 
  • Pumpkin Enzymes: Pumpkin Enzymes bring antioxidant protection to the skin, preventing oxidative stress and the damaging effects of pollution and the urban environment. It is a potent ingredient that soothes away neurogenic inflammation and limits skin reactivity. 

Directions for use:

To melt away makeup, use like a cleansing balm, massaging a dime-size amount onto dry skin, then rinse with warm water and watch as the gel transforms into a soothing milky cleanser. Follow up with a water-based cleanser, if need. 

Patch test recommended.

Product description:

A daily cleanser that easily removes makeup and impurities without over-drying. Upon contact with water, the translucent gel transforms into a soft, milk-like cleanser.
Earth Rhythm Cleansing jelly review


  • Healing
  • Collagen booster
  • Antioxidant
  • Removes makeup effectively without drying out the skin.


  • Be sure to store the product in a cool, dry place after opening them.
  • Some products may react with certain other products. 
  • Please refer to the website for the final list of ingredients.
  • For your safety, we highly recommend a patch test before you. Stop usage if irritation occurs.

My experience with the product:

Packaging:  Earth Rhythm Cleansing jelly comes in a glass jar. The packaging looks very pretty but is not really travel-friendly because it a glass. 

Colour and texture:  This cleansing jelly is dark yellow to orange in color. Its texture is oil jelly-like. Very lightweight texture. When you massage it on the skin, it turns oily  (very lightweight consistency)

Earth Rhythm Cleansing jelly review

Fragrance:  It is a fragrance-free product. It has absolutely no fragrance.

Who is this for?  This cleansing jelly is for you if you use makeup or sunscreen on daily basis. and for those who are looking for cleansing blam that is gentle and non-drying. Made for all skin types. Suits oily, sensitive acne-prone skin as well. (My skin type is oily and sensitive, This one suits me very well)

First impression:  I was happy with the texture. Not at all hard like other cleansing balms. When I started massaging it on my skin, it melted into oil-like consistency, felt really soft and gentle on the skin. When I washed it off, my skin felt oily. I used a second cleanser, it still felt a bit oily. But within some time that oily feel was gone.

How long I have been using it? I have been using it for 3 weeks now. (When I use sunscreen and makeup obviously)

How I like to use it? I like to take a little bit (pea size or more) of cleansing jelly and massage it gently on my skin for 3-5 minutes. (Make sure to take enough product, if you take a very tiny amount of product and rub it on your skin, your skin can get irritated and it will be hard to massage it) After I am done massaging it on my skin, I like to wash it off with warm water. After it turns milky, it feels like it forms an oily film on the skin. So, I follow it up with The FaceShop Rice water bright foaming cleanser. 

Effects on my skin:  This cleansing jelly removes makeup effectively while being gentle. Makes my skin really soft and bright. Doesn't cause irritation or breakout. Continuous use makes the skin really soft in my opinion. It also has mild exfoliating properties I feel. That's something I love. My oily skin loves this cleansing jelly.

Will I repurchase it?  Definitely yes. But I would love to try another variant (pink pomelo)

Do I recommend it? Yes, if you are looking for a good cleansing balm, this one is amazing.


  • It is a daily cleanser that removes makeup effectively without drying out the skin.
  • Enriched with pumpkin enzymes.
  • It is very gentle on the skin.
  • Removes makeup, sunscreen, and even heavy makeup effectively
  • Suits my oily and sensitive skin really well.
  • Doesn't irritate the skin, doesn't clog pores, doesn't cause breakouts.
  • This translucent jelly turns into lightweight oil when massaged on the skin.
  • When rinsed with warm water, it turns milky but leaves an oily film behind.
  • With the right kind of second cleanser, the oily film goes away.
  • Skin feels soft, clean, and bright post-cleansing.

About the brand:

The website says:
At Earth Rhythm, we believe in smart and Safe skincare. The products you use should work and be good for your skin and earth, no exceptions. Each of our formulas are created in house by trained Cosmetic Chemist and are made to be effective , safe and backed by cited scientific research.
  • Backed by Scientific Research: Earth Rhythm doesn’t promise miracles – they deliver results. Their Formulas are supported and verified by scientific research that they share with us very transparently. 
  • Non-toxic: Earth Rhythm is a Non-Toxic Certified Brand. They work hard to obtain certifications each and every year. 
  • Environmental Conscience: Earth rhythm uses raw materials that are sourced in an environmentally and ethically responsible manner. All this along with a commitment to reducing the carbon footprint and actively seeking sustainable ingredients that are biodegradable and packaged in recyclable packaging.    

  • There is a huge variety of skin care and hair care products to choose from. They have come up with a revamped collection. It has amazing products with beautiful packaging. Do check it out @ Earth Rhythm 


     Earth rhythm products are available on Earth Rhythm's official website, Amazon, Vanity Wagon, Nykaa. You can buy small size product (30g) from Nykaa

    * No affiliate links are mentioned in this post. That means I don't earn anything if you purchase the product from the link above. I have mentioned it just to make it easier for you to find the product.


    I am not a dermatologist or an esthetician, what I have presented above is my personal and honest opinion about the product. This is just to give you an idea about products and their ingredients. Everyone's skin is unique and skincare is very personal to everyone's skin. What works for me may or may not work for you and vice versa. No one knows your skin better than you. Make wise decisions and get the right products for you.

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